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Quote Tree Removal and Stump Grinding, Mangawhai

Hi Are you able to please give me a quote to remove a tree and grind the stump? Our property is at 36 Eveline St, Mangawhai Heads.  The tree is at the rear left hand corner (when looking from the road) and is in front of a plum tree and beside the little rear unit…
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Tree Removal Quote Wanted, Mangawhai

Hi can you give me a quote on some willow trees I need cutting down but not removing, just chopping up. Also trimming some Pheonix palms, and a few other bits and pieces. Can you come and have a look after 4 .30 is good or on mondays.
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Tree Removal/Felling, One Tree Point

Hi I after a quote to cut and mulch 11 x gum trees at my property at one tree point I believe they can be dropped as is except a couple branches over the neighbours fence I would like to keep the mulch but have no use for the timber/firewood  my estimation is that the…
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