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Tree Quote Required Whangarei

Hi there. We have a few large trees we are looking at removing and possibly chipping. Just wondering if you could give us a quote on how much it would cost. We are are ####### and are home after 4pm most days. Thank you. Maurice and Pauline Godfrey. 
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Tree Maintenance Required, Paparoa

Kia ora, I’m wondering what it would cost to get a tree cut down? We have a big old rotten (Totara I think?) that needs to come down - which is a shame but I dont want it to fall on anyone or anything. Also saw you have pruning services - we are new here…
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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding, Tinopai

Hi Scott, I'm contacting you on behalf of Heritage New Zealand (HNZ) who own Ruatuna Farm and homestead, 441 Tinopai Road. Over the past 10 or so years some "seedling" macrocarpas have grown to medium sized trees hanging over the fire sprinkler system shed and interfering with the outlet to the septic tank, and will…
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