Trimming and Chipping Required Waipu

Hi there. We have two lots of trees that have got a bit out of control! Both sides of the property - I guess you could call them shelter belts -one side has some sort of pine and the other what I call Lilly Pilly's (monkey apple?). We had the Lilly Pillys done about 4…
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Hedge & Tree Trimming Required One Tree Point

I have recently purchased the above property with a tall shelter belt around an orchard, i require a quotation for trimming both sides of the shelterbelt and pruning the mixed fruit trees in the orchard. Please contact me at your convenience. Many thanks Kevin Raw
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Tree Pruning Work Mangawhai

Hi June.  Scott came round and looked at my trees in mid March and we agreed he would come in the winter and do some pruning. I shall be back in NZ from Mid-May for just over 2 weeks, specifically to fit in a visit from Scott.  Could we arrange a day, from 17th May…
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