Tree Trimming Required, Mangawhai

  • Trim the trees on the Northen boundary (against the neighbours back wall of house) so the tops are no higher then their roofline. 
  • Continue that height around to the trees along the border by the culdesac
  • Give the sides of all trees a very good trim back vertically  - as much as you possibly can without loosing all the green 
  • The tree by the culdesac - please take off the growth at the bottom of the trunks that is looking a bit straggly and also increase the height of the 'arch' we have hanging over the gate - although keep it hanging over the gate
  • You can go hard on the trees overhanging our fence into the culdesac - especially on the culdesac side . These weren't done last time and they need to be bought back closer to the fenceline.
  • Top the trees on the southern side (by the spa) to the height you usually do and trim the sides back as much as you can without loosing all the leaves and the privacy on our side.
  • I did a garden prune a month back and would appreciate if you are able to remove the small pile of garden rubbish by the trees on the northern side